DEI Considerations in Clinical Supervision & Staff Retention

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6 credits

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Course Title

DEI Considerations In Clinical Supervision & Staff Retention

Course Description

This course is part of the Management and Supervision in Human Services professional certificate program, which is geared toward professionals who find themselves in a management or supervisory role at a social work agency or human services organization, yet have not had formal management training or leadership experience.

Module 1: DEI Considerations in Clinical Supervision

In DEI Considerations in Clinical Supervision, we will discuss how supervision and management relations have cultural, racial-ethnic, and other aspects that shape core assumptions, attitudes, and values of the persons involved and that may enhance or impede supervision and/or management effectiveness. Participants will be offered tools for establishing a culture of inclusion and cultural responsiveness in supervision, management, and the workplace. The course addresses the value of having a diverse workplace and the steps leaders in an organization can take to encourage and leverage differences. We will explore the concepts of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for strategic change in a non-profit organization. Today an effective manager must understand the business case for fundamentally making DEI concepts the core work of any forward-thinking organization. We will focus on DEI Principles, Dr. Ken Hardy’s VCR work - which is Validate, Challenge, and Request - when oppression, bias, or any “ism” shows up in communication.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will identify practices of culturally sensitive supervision and/or management.

  • Participants will understand the dynamics of power and privilege as a supervisor and/or manager, and within a diverse workplace.

  • Participants will describe how diversity goes beyond age, race, and gender, and will understand the value of a diverse workplace.

  • Participants will adopt a management style that encourages diversity and inclusion.

  • Participants will understand Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion vocabulary and safe/brave space concepts.

  • Participants will practice Courageous Conversations around difficult topics of Oppression.

  • Participants will learn the negative effects of White Fragility and the importance of understanding Privilege.

    Module 2: DEI Considerations in Staff Retention

    In DEI Considerations in Staff Retention, We will discuss how to build and support an inclusive environment in order to recruit, hire, and retain your staff. When staff feel valued, comfortable, and safe in their workplace, they perform better. We will learn and talk about DEI focused recruitment, career development, and retention practices that help organizations not just say they are interested in supporting their staff as whole people, but actually do it.

    Learning Objectives

    • Participants will learn how to build an inclusive culture.

    • Participants will learn to create professional pathways that have an equity lens.

    • Participants will develop tools to implement and advance DEI initiatives.

    • Participants will learn ways to develop a sense of “having a seat at the table” and belonging for their staff.


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Course Instructor

Daniela Thermora, M.Ed, LMHC
Director of People & Career Development
Wayside Youth & Family Support Network

Daniela is Director of People & Career Development for Wayside Youth & Family Support Network and provides Outpatient Therapy to children and adolescents. Earlier in her career, she worked in administration in healthcare services, from private to nonprofit. While earning her Masters, she worked as a Mental Health Counselor at Walden Behavioral Health’s Inpatient Units for psychiatric needs and eating disorders, with children, adolescents, and families. Daniela started at Wayside as an In-Home Therapist and OP Clinician where she dedicated her expertise in cultural and ethnic considerations to help Latino families understand and bring their own trauma to the forefront of treatment. She focuses on initiatives around diversity, equity, and inclusion, and is interested in having courageous conversations about our society’s mental health, inequalities, racism, sexism, and diverse cultures.